« Commémoration du décès du Chef Ngoule Ewane Zacharie » Papa, il y a 2 ans que tu es allée te reposer. 20 Avril 2012 - 20 Avril 2014. Nous avons une Pensée Pieuse dans notre prière de ce jour. Repose en Paix Papa! Nous t’aimons Papa et surtout n\'oublie pas ta progéniture que tu as laisse sur cette terre. Merci de nous avoir donné la vie et que le Dieu tout puissant t\'accorde une place auprès de lui. Ta fille qui ne cessera jamais de t’aimer et qui te garde jalousement dans son petit cœur, quoique tu sois partie. Repose en Paix \"PAPA CHEF NGOULE EWANE ZACHARIE\", Car un Chef ne meurt pas, il se repose. Les habitants du quartier Nkoldongo Montee Zoe ou tu auras vecu pendant pres de 60 ans est prie de nous rejoindre dans notre priere de ce jour. Beni soit le jour où tu m’as donne la vie papa. \"Repose en Paix Papa Cheri\" Doudou Teclaire Ngoule\'S
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Africa: Climate Change’s Potential Impact Must Figure in Food Production Efforts

[FAO]Meknès, Morocco/Rome -FAO at agriculture forum lauds Morocco for achieving MDG 1, signs South-South Cooperation accord

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South Sudan: South Sudan – Ethnic Killings Spiraling – UN Security Council Should Impose Sanctions, Boost Civilian Protection

[HRW]Nairobi -The United Nations Security Council should react to horrific attacks on civilians in the South Sudan towns of Bor and Bentiu by requesting an urgent UN fact-finding mission. The Security Council should impose sanctions on individuals in b…

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Central African Republic: Trauma Link to Malnutrition in CAR

[IRIN]Bangui -Data collected at a hospital clinic for malnourished children in the Central African Republic (CAR) suggests that many of the childrens’ parents present symptoms of post-traumatic stress directly linked to their exposure to extreme violen…

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Nigeria: Improved Agriculture Can Lift Nigerians Out of Poverty

[State Department]Through a program called MARKETS II, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) gives farmers in Nigeria who live on less than $1.25 a day the tools they need to improve their harvests and connect with buyers.

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Africa: Africans Want Democracy But Are They Getting It?

[allAfrica]Cape Town -Popular support for democracy and against one-party rule in Africa has risen substantially in the past decade, but most Africans don’t think they are actually experiencing democracy.

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Nigeria: Boko Haram’s War On Children

[African Arguments]The news that over 200 school children were last week abducted by the Boko Haram terrorist group in North East Nigeria makes for depressing reading.

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Nigeria: From Sticks and Machetes to Rocket-Propelled Grenades

[IPS]Lagos -Nigerians are beginning to adjust to the sad reality that they live in a country where suicide bombers and terrorists could be lurking around the next corner thanks to a ready supply of advanced weapons smuggled through the country’s porous…

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Kenya: Weak Laws and Capitalist Economy Deplete Kenya’s Natural Wealth

[IPS]Nairobi -Each season Peter Gichangi, a vegetable and arrowroot commercial farmer who owns four hectares of land in Nyeri County, Kenya’s Central Province, cultivates his crops near the Nduyi River.

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Malawi: Govt to Prioritise Gender-Based Messages in Response to HIV and TB

[Key Correspondents]In Malawi, a new civil society charter to tackle HIV and TB is prioritising gender-based messages to help change people’s behaviour.

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Burundi: Ignoring the Problem Won’t Make It Go Away

[ISS]In what looks like a classic case for the African Union’s (AU’s) early-warning mechanisms, alarm bells are growing louder over the political tensions in Burundi. Detentions, human rights violations and political strife are increasing in the countr…

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